De plus Dieu

Oh, how amazing it is
when the sun rise in the sky and
dies in the same spot that was born!

Oh, how sad it is when the love goes away
a rose is dead in the garden
and the heart stays alone and make spells!

Ah, beautiful enchantress that makes do
the things I do, take away pain
take away the regrets of tomorrow!

If God can hear me, please save me
Give me something else than this life
and take me from this terrible land!

Ah, the fairies are beutiful in the night
when the dark appears and the sun dies!
Ah, the fairies of tonight!

Give me a new name, give something else
I know that you can hear me!
I know that you are folowing me!

Take the sorrow and pain away
make the smell of the spell feels good
make the smell of my spell feels good.

Oh, please I know you there
give something else, something enterely new
somenthing that makes me shine again!

I know that you can hear me
and I know that you are there
Give me, give me, give me a new name!


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